Friday, December 9, 2011

Around the World in a day!

Small vase made at the moment by an artisan for me 
Once a year, here in Milan we have the fortune to host for a week one of the greatest handcraft exhibitions in all Europe at Fieramilano Rho. 

It's really nice and loads of people use to come every year to start buying Christmas gifts in a original way. Craftmen from all over the world come here to show their handmade products and to represent as well as possible their beloved home countries in Italy.
Yesterday my friends and I went and stayed there almost the whole day.
We started from the Middle East area full of typical persian carpets and leather goods, then we visited the African corner where we found things like wood sculptures and masai jewels before crossing the "New Continent" in order to arrive then to South East Asia 
where we spent a really long time admiring all the handcrafted products they were selling:
big fans, lanterns, traditional clothing, furnitures...
Everything was very fascinating but in the meantime, we started feeling very hungry 
and for that reason we decided to "came back" to Europe and have a short "Pit Stop" 
in France to eat croquettes and in Germany for some wieners and sauerkrauts. 
After that we returned to Asia to see India, Nepal, Japan and China 
where colorful indian scarfs and veils, kimonos, ninja's swords, bento boxes 
and funny good-luck charms were waiting just for us.
It was really like being in those countries and 
it was also really hilarious to hear people saying to their friends on the phone things like:
 <<Hey buddy, I'm here in Holland right now! Where are you exactly?
Oh, ok...See you in Perù in 10 mins then!>>. Ahahhah, beyond craziness!!!
I really enjoyed this day and now I'm already looking forward to next year exhibition! 
And you? 
The Artisan 



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