Friday, February 10, 2012

S**t Girls Say to Dolce&Gabbana Male Models

source: DG digital team

As my friend Nancy -from Lifeinapic's Blog (check it out it's amazing!)- says:
"Models are like the new Rockstars!"
But we are not talking about talent or somenthing concerning their qualities or skills 
but regarding the amount of crazy fans they have all over the world!
I mean, they're "just" good-looking people not Greek divinities or aliens! 
They do the same things as we do (except flying and partying all over the world xD) and there is no reason to stalk them like groupies during fashion weeks, out of the shows and start screaming and crying -I swear!- like crazy chickens about to die 
only for a picture or a short chat with them 
 -and the video shows you what kind of "smart" questions they ask-  
just to make their friends on Facebook jealous. 
This is really insane and a little bit shameful to me...
WHATEVER, it's Models-Fever!!

1 comment:

  1. Aahhaahh this season was crazy!!! See u soon!!


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