Monday, April 16, 2012

Travel Update - Fête du Printemps 2012 @JPS

During my short stay in Lyon I had also the pleasure and the honor to attend the really cool Spring Party at the senior high school "Jean Paul Sartre" in Bron. 
It was pretty similar to an italian carnival day:  everybody, teachers included, were
disguised as movie characters, animals,

 people from other countries or from past ages...

It was kind of impressive to see how much "serious" is this event for most of them and
 how much time and passion they invested to choose the perfect costume to wear...
Things like that are quite impossible to do here in our schools: 
most of the guys here maybe are too much embarassed to wear fancy clothes 
and afraid to be fooled by the others, not to mention the school teachers which are too serious and also too old to play with the students for a day...
What a pity! :(
Anyway, the party was quite unusual for me but super cool, funny and amusing indeed!
A lot of students also performed with their own bands some cover songs
 in the afternoon (soon a post exclusively about that) and let me just say that they were totally AMAZING! 
It's not that easy to involve and to draw the attention 
of hundreds of young masked students! 

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