Sunday, April 15, 2012

Travel Update - Lyon 2012

Hey guys! What's up!? It's been so long since the last post, 
I know but I was a little bit busy during this passed month...
but now I'm back with a new (non-fashion) post to share with you: 
my trip to LYON!
I've been there for about a week to visit the city, of course, but also to try to meet some french friends I've met during the meeting in Romania 
for the European Comenius Project last fall (Remember? CLICK HERE).
It's one of the biggest and most important city of the country, famous also for being considered the gourmet capital of France 
(and yes, the restaurants are really over the top here! I can confirm!) . 
Unfortunately the weather wasn't really good but going around was pretty easy anyway thanks to the bike sharing and the public transportation services 
which were well functioning (except during the holidays). 
Always about transportations, 
it was also really cool to see that in Lyon, unlike in Milan, you can go almost everywhere, even in some quite near suburbs like Bron and Chassieu with the same bus ticket, without any extra charge to pay :D
Even if it's a really big city the atmosphere in it was really peaceful and quite... 
People seemed to be really much more relaxed and less stressed than people from Milan who runs fast with serious faces almost all the day, everyday...

Enjoy the pictures :D


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  1. Romania is really a great place to travel specially on holidays. They have the best tourists spots to show you for you not to regret visiting their place. ^_^


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