Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello Romania! - day 2

Kids in uniform 

The second day we had the pleasure to visit our schools partners: 
Colegiul National Petru Rares and Scoala Nr.5. 

The first one is the equivalent of a high school or a preparatory college and it is considered as one of the best schools in the whole country. 
The students in fact seemed to be very competitive, dedicated and focused on their duties. The environment looked really stimulating but the thing that made me envious the most was the loud music along the corridors during the break time! Fantastic!
Scoala Nr.5 instead is an elementary/middle school with younger pupils. 
Here everybody was waiting for us, all dressed up, in uniforms and holding flowers! It was really touching, funny and weird at the same time: it was like walking the red carpet with all the eyes and cameras on you ahahahh...
After that they showed us the school, we had lunch with local dishes and, at the end, we attended the big open-welcome ceremony that they were hardly setting up for weeks...Bravo, bravo!


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